Meditation Journey to the Great Jade Temple With Adama and Master Hilarion💚🕍🌿~

The Great Jade Temple is a wondrous and sacred place where beings from all dimensions on this planet and beyond come for healing. Those of the light realms who are directly assisting humanity come to this temple to cleanse and recharge their energies. It is used by galactic beings as well. This “famous” temple is popular and well visited. It is constructed mainly of the purest concentration of jade.

I ask now that you center yourself in your heart; sit comfortably and relax; and begin to integrate and receive the healing energies. You are now invited to come with us on a journey in consciousness to Telos to experience the Great Jade Temple beneath Mount Shasta. You are traveling here in your etheric body. Continue to center in your heart and state your intention to your guides to take you to Telos in consciousness to the portal of the Great Jade Temple, and they will. All your guides are familiar with this place, and they know exactly how to take you there. There are many of us there, waiting to receive you.

Bring your body in a state of relaxation and breathe very deeply as you focus your intention to be taken to the Great Jade Temple. Now see yourself there in your consciousness. See yourself arriving at the portal of this large temple, a four-sided pyramid made of the purest and highest quality jade stones. The head priest, also guardian of this temple, greets you. The floor is tiled with jade and pure gold. Fountains of golden green luminescent lights shoot their essence about 30 feet in the air from several areas, creating a very mystical effect.

Feel yourself there and look at whatever is shown to you. Feel the air that you are now breathing in the temple and feel the invigorating energy created by all the fountains of pure healing energy permeating the air everywhere. How refreshing and rejuvenating it is for your whole body! Though you are there in your etheric body, you will bring back some of that vibration to your physical body. That is why it is so important that you breathe in deeply, taking in as much as you can of that healing energy.

Flowers of all shapes, shades and colors, along with a large variety of emerald green plants, are growing in large jade boxes creating a most magical environment. Gaze upon this unique beauty and feel the sacredness of the surroundings. Allow yourself to feel purity of the energies of that environment. The Head Priest introduces each of you to a member of our community who will be your specific guide and assistant for your journey here.

As you enter the temple with your guide, you see a very large stone made of pure jade, oval-shaped, about 10 feet in diameter and 18 feet high. This stone is of the purest and highest healing vibration. On the top of the stone, you see a round gold and jade chalice. It has a flat base and sides about two feet high. It is hosting the emerald green unfed Flame of Healing that has been burning perpetually for millions of years to assist Earth’s inhabitants.

Now feel this healing flame deeply in your soul, in your heart and in your emotional body. Yes, you can also take your emotional body there. This awesome flame burns perpetually and maintains a major healing energy matrix for the planet. This flame has consciousness, my friends. It is fed eternally by the love of the Holy Spirit, the angelic kingdom and our love. As you approach the Jade stone, you are invited by the Guardian of the Healing Flame to sit on a chair made of pure jade to contemplate what it is in your life that most needs healing. What are the changes in your consciousness that you are willing to make to bring about that healing?

While in meditation, you are receiving telepathic guidance and assistance from your guides, and this guidance is imprinted in your heart and soul. Now, we will pause for a moment and allow you to have this interaction with your guides and with your higher self for your healing. (Pause) See and feel the jewels, the crystals and healing energies of the temple and breathe them in. Breathe in this healing energy as deeply as you can; you are going to take this energy back into your physical body. Keep breathing it in. You are on the most sacred healing vibration site of the planet. Take as long as you need.

When you are done, get up from your chair and walk around the temple with your guide. Look at the beauty and the healing energies. Feel free to communicate to him/her the burdens of your heart and ask for further assistance for your healing. Be open to whatever is going to be revealed to you. If you don’t remember your journey consciously, do not be concerned. For most of you are getting the information at some other level.

When you feel complete, come back to consciousness in your body and take several deep breaths. Know that you can return there any time you want. Each time, you will be assisted in the same manner. The more often you return, the more of a rapport you are creating with us.

We now conclude this meditation by sending you love, peace and healing. We are holding our hands out to you in assistance, love and guidance. We are only as far away as a thought and a whisper, or a request from your heart. And so be it!

( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)


“Gaia, the Goddess’s Sacred Blue 12D Planet”

Part 1: Ecology & Biology

The 12th Dimension is the frequency of “All-Encompassing Love” and, in the Milky Way Galaxy, can be described as “heaven on Gaia”. Gaia is the highest frequency dimension of Earth (currently a parallel dimension of this planet) in her most intelligent vibratory form which is close to pure spirit, but still has enough physicality to afford the play of relationship in time & space. The planet has a benign sub-tropical climate from pole to pole. It has an “Atma-Sphere” (soul-sphere) around it in which there exists a “firmament”, a layer of water vapor which helps preserve a beautifully diverse, fertile & diverse ecosystem of animals and plants.

When human beings, those that have chosen to ascend to the frequency of pure Love, join other races as the new inhabitants of Gaia, the planet and its inhabitants will exist in “stasis”, a period of equilibrium that will last for 1000 linear years. Gaia’s biology will be vastly different from our current 3D Earth. All “star races”, including humans, reproduce instantaneously during the mutual orgasm of male/female couples in sacred sexual union. Bleeding, menstruation and pain in childbirth will be left behind in 3D. All sentient beings on Gaia, human or otherwise, will be forever youthful and healthy. Disease and old age, and death as we think of it, will not exist there. 12D Gaia belongs to the Goddesses, there will be no need for ownership or any other currency than Love.

The planet is fully alive and full of creativity, and it is home to a “Sacred Geometric Spherical Civilization”. The buildings and architecture will reflect the harmony that flows from the presence of Sacred Union; masculine & feminine energies, and all other polarities, resonating as “complimentary opposites entwined as One”..

Elijah David (El-An-Ra)

“Alchemy of the New Earth”