Part 1: Ecology & Biology

The 12th Dimension is the frequency of “All-Encompassing Love” and, in the Milky Way Galaxy, can be described as “heaven on Gaia”. Gaia is the highest frequency dimension of Earth (currently a parallel dimension of this planet) in her most intelligent vibratory form which is close to pure spirit, but still has enough physicality to afford the play of relationship in time & space. The planet has a benign sub-tropical climate from pole to pole. It has an “Atma-Sphere” (soul-sphere) around it in which there exists a “firmament”, a layer of water vapor which helps preserve a beautifully diverse, fertile & diverse ecosystem of animals and plants.

When human beings, those that have chosen to ascend to the frequency of pure Love, join other races as the new inhabitants of Gaia, the planet and its inhabitants will exist in “stasis”, a period of equilibrium that will last for 1000 linear years. Gaia’s biology will be vastly different from our current 3D Earth. All “star races”, including humans, reproduce instantaneously during the mutual orgasm of male/female couples in sacred sexual union. Bleeding, menstruation and pain in childbirth will be left behind in 3D. All sentient beings on Gaia, human or otherwise, will be forever youthful and healthy. Disease and old age, and death as we think of it, will not exist there. 12D Gaia belongs to the Goddesses, there will be no need for ownership or any other currency than Love.

The planet is fully alive and full of creativity, and it is home to a “Sacred Geometric Spherical Civilization”. The buildings and architecture will reflect the harmony that flows from the presence of Sacred Union; masculine & feminine energies, and all other polarities, resonating as “complimentary opposites entwined as One”..

Elijah David (El-An-Ra)

“Alchemy of the New Earth”


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